The Significance and Meaning of the Kabbalah Tree of Life

The Kabbalah tree of life is a sacred symbol that has very esoteric and profound meaning attached to it. We are going to go over the Kabbalah tree of life meaning, what the Kabbalah tree of life 22 paths are, and the significance of this mystical symbol.

Kabbalah Tree of Life 10 Sephirot

There are 10 “stations” that are represented as spheres or circles and are contained within the Kabbalah tree of life that are called Sephirot. These stations are then linked to one another by 22 lines, called paths, that represent the 22 letters in Hebrew. Beyond the Kabbalah tree of life is the infinite light called Ein Sof that is ineffable.

Three columns exist within the tree of life. The one on the righthand side is considered to be male and mercy, while the leftland pillar is female and severity. The column going down the middle acts as a stabilizer between the two polarities.

Each one of the 22 paths is directly associated with one Hebrew letter, as well as different symbols, tarot cards, planets, and astrological signs. Practices that take someone inward, such as meditation, can help them explore and experience the various aspects contained within the tree of life.

The symbols in the tree of like include the Hebrew letters. There is an alphabetical order within the tree, until the last letter is reached. There are also the astrological signs that are attributed to each path, including the classical planets and four elements. Each one is tethered to a Hebrew letter. Finally, there are associations with Tarot Trumps, with one being assigned to every one of the 22 paths.

The Kabbalah tree of life is quite complex, but hopefully this diluted explanation will help you understand it a little more. However, it will help for you to understand the Kabbalah tree of life meaning by talking about the 10 Sephirot symbols and 22 paths in a little greater details.

Each one of the 10 Sephirot describes what God wants people to embody. They also describe what God does to reveal himself through Creation. Each one of the Sephirot is needed to understand the mysteries of Creation and God.

Kabbalah tree of life



We’re going to break down what each of the 10 circles in the Kabbalah tree of life mean.

  • Keter

Keter is the Crown, which is the circle at the very top of the tree of life. It symbolizes the explanation for all that is beyond the ability of the mind to comprehend. It symbolizes everything that is above and beyond us. This makes it the most abstract Sephirot symbol. Being the highest one makes it the most divine as well.

  • Chokmah

Chokmah is the circle for wisdom. It symbolizes your ability to peer deeply into the nature of reality and abstract concepts that help you understand the truest truths at very deep levels. The conscious creative process is contained within this Sephirot.

  • Binah

Binah symbolizes the ability to understand something’s potential. Consider it the intuition that guides you in life, if you listen to it. This also is symbolizing your ability to contemplate and reflect upon truths.

  • Da’at

Da’at is represented as an empty space, but what this symbolizes is expansion and reflection upon wisdom and deep knowing stemming from the previous Sephirot we mentioned. This is also a symbol that has the power to balancing everything.

  • Chesed

Chesed is usually said to mean loving kindness, which is a combination of both kindness and love. This isn’t an intellectual symbol. Rather, it focuses on the emotional side of things, such as compassion, which is a highly-valued aspect within all of Judaism. Through Chesed, or compassion, it is possible to heal, mend, and bring back anything within Creation.

  • Gevurah

Like Chesed, Gevurah is related to emotions. It also symbolizes judgments and limitations. Wrongs have to be righted by changes that are  made. This sort of view is placed on the world’s stage rather than in an individual personal life. This Sephirot is speaking about God’s punishment of wickedness within the world due to not following His laws.

  • Tiferet

Tiferet combines the Chesed compassion and Gevurah strength, reconciling the two. Essentially they are representing the acts of giving and receiving. Ultimately, Tiferet symbolizes the incredible capabilities of mercy. Lovingkindness holds back the drive for justice and punishment, and instead helps us use both to act out a more tempered approach.

  • Netzach

Netzach symbolizes God’s eternity and endless endurance. This Sephirot helps us understand what is going on in the world, telling us to look deeper into the nature of things. What we see on the surface isn’t always how things really are.

  • Hod

Hod symbolizes glory. It represents how you can achieve your goals and what steps you take to do so. Overcoming problems and obstacles occurs here, helping you understand what it takes to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

  • Yesod

Yesod symbolizes foundation, understanding, and knowledge. This encapsulates your embodiment of a spiritual life, as well as doing your part in helping change the world for the better. The foundation is one in the same with the Creation you find yourself in, which is what is going to get changed.

  • Malkuth

At the very bottom of the Kabbalah tree of life is Malkuth. It’s the final Sephirot and symbolizes the kingdom of God. It is the ultimate goal to strive towards. It is the “seed” that will help everything else in the tree of life grow.

Kabbalah Tree of Life 22 Paths

The 10 Sephirot circles are connected with 22 paths. There are 3 horizontal paths, 7 vertical ones, and 12 that are diagonal. The Kabbalah tree of life 22 paths connect all of the Sephirot, acting as paths to be taken from one to the other. These paths connect every archetypal center with every other one. To properly navigate these paths, you need to embody what the Sephirot symbolize, particularly the two circles that any one path connects.

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