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    Jerusalem Hanger with Hamsa Window
    • Embedded Hamsa Hanging Ornament with Embossed Jerusalem
      Embedded Hamsa Hanging
    • Double Sided Seven Blessings Hanging Ornament - Blue
      Double Sided Seven
    • Home Blessing Hamsa with Motifs - Spanish
      Home Blessing Hamsa

    Jerusalem Hanger with Hamsa Window

    Ilumina cualquier pared opaca con este tapíz de colores, que representa escenas de la antigua ciudad de Jerusalém, incluido el Molino de viento y la Torre de David.


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    Illuminate any opaque wall with this colorful tapestry, which depicts scenes from the ancient city of Jerusalem, including the Windmill and the Tower of David. The entire suspension is silver coated with colorful highlights here and there. From below, fringes with pendants, a ripe pomegranate, the key and the fish.Buy this beautiful tapestry today or give a gift to a loved one!
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